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Who we are

The Rivetto Racing Team (RRT) is an esports team with years of experience behind it, founded by Marco De Plato in 2008, virtual pilot since 2007.

The team takes its first steps on Live For Speed, a simulator in which the team obtains good results and an important wealth of experience.

With the release of NetKarPro, the team broadens horizons towards new simulation realities and, with the launch of the limited edition trial version of Assetto Corsa, the Rivetto Racing Team finds, in the Kunos simulator, the natural habitat where to plant their roots.

Race car driver

RRT - Rivetto Racing Team

Come compete with us

RRT - Rivetto Racing Team is a community of Virtual drivers who compete with the Assetto Corsa simulator in the official E-Sports championships. Our highly experienced pilots prepare the Academy drivers to give their best, teach the sporting spirit inside and outside the tracks by achieving valuable and fun results in what you do. Check the calendar to not miss the next matches and the auditions to join the team!

"The secret to moving forward is to start"

Mark Twain

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